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Lexicon MX 400 effect processor


Lexicon MX 400 effect processor



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116929 / LEX-MX400

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Lexicon MX 400 effect processor

Lexicon MX 400

You want the rich, luscious sound that’s defined studio reverb for three decades: a genuine Lexicon hardware processor. But you also want the flexibility of programming high-quality effects right inside your DAW program…without bogging down your CPU or resorting to expensive processing cards.
Have it all with the MX400. All parameters of every reverb, delay and dynamic effect in this powerhouse quad processor are available inside any AU compatible DAW program. Just link your computer to the MX400 with a USB cable and control all automation and recall parameters exactly as you would with any software plug-in — while enjoying the sonic benefits only Lexicon hardware can provide.


• 17 Legendary Lexicon Hall algorithms (ex. halls, chamber, plates, ...)
• Lexicon delay & modulations effects
• Dbx dynamic algorithms
• Quad processor design
• Presets and parameters are controllable via VST plug-in
• Seven routing configurations
• Two digital S/PDIF interfaces
• Analog 24-bit in- and outputs
• 99 Factory- and 99 user programs for stereo and dual-stereo
• 25 Factory- and 25 user programs for surround programs
• Large LCD display
• MIDI Interface
• In/Outputs: 6.3 mm jack connector
• Dimensions: 19" Rack format with 1 U
• Weight: 2.6 kg

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