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Amedia Eremya HiHat 14″


Amedia Eremya HiHat 14″



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124542 / AMED-ER-H14

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Amedia Eremya HiHat 14″

Amedia Eremya HiHat 14″

Named for cymbal patriarch Eremya Arzat, the Eremya series is made of a secret alloy. Some say that music is the elixir of life. In the tradition of the ancient alchemists, the cymbal smiths at Amedia transform base and precious metals into musical instruments with a silvery sheen and magic musicality.

Full-bodied sound; clear stick sound, responsive.

Size14 "
StuffBronze B20
TechnologyManual processing
SoundRaw, Sure, Sandy, Clear

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