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Seydel 30401C Concerto Solo mouth-organ


Seydel 30401C Concerto Solo mouth-organ



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Seydel 30401C Concerto Solo mouth-organ

Seydel 30401C Concerto Solo

Professional diatonic harmonica in Octave tuning with divided plastic comb. In octave harmonicas two reeds sound at once if one blows or draws. These two reeds are tuned an octave appart. To minimize air loss and to enhance volume, the CONCERTO is equipped with valves. The result is a very full and strong sound. As a typical instrument for accompaniment these harmonicas are available in many popular keys to enable the playing of pieces in many different tonalities.

• Tone: C
• Reeds: Brass, 1mm thick
• Number of reeds: 10
• Body: plastic
• Dimensions: 104x29x20mm
• Weight: 70g
• Finish: Chrome
• Color: silver

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