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Tascam DR 44 WL digital recorder


Tascam DR 44 WL digital recorder



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155349 / TASC-DR-44WL

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Tascam DR 44 WL digital recorder

Tascam DR 44 WL

TASCAM's DR-44WL is the latest recording innovation from TASCAM. It starts with high-quality stereo condenser microphones, updated with a new XY pattern and high-performance mic components. Two locking XLR inputs feed TASCAM's latest microphone preamp design, with the lowest noise level and richest sound available in a portable recorder. The DR-44WL revolutionizes handheld recorders with its new Wi-Fi feature. A free app for iOS or Android devices provides control, file transfer, and audio streaming to your smartphone. Start recording while on-stage or from anywhere in the room, while setting trim levels and check meters to make sure the transport is running. At the end of a performance, transfer recordings to your phone and instantly upload them to SoundCloud, Facebook, even email directly to fans.
With rugged construction, great sound quality, and TASCAM's famed ease of use, the DR-44WL is the ultimate portable recorder for anyone from beginning musicians to experienced professionals.


• Record of parameters to 96kHz / 24-bit (WAV / BWF)
• MP3 Record
• Supports SD / SDHC / SDXC (DVR comes with a micro SDHC card 4 GB and adapter)
• Two recording modes:
- The normal recording mode (up to 4 tracks) for ordinary recordings
- Professional MTR mode for creating music
• Improved internal clock - ideal for film production
• Directional microphones in an XY configuration
• Dedicated antivibration system eliminates mechanical interference
• Acceptance of up to 132 dB SPL
• Analog XLR / TRS receiving signal line level +4 dBu
• Improved mic preamps provide higher quality audio recording
• Codec AC / CA Cirrus Logic delivers higher performance audio processing and lower power consumption
• Phantom Power 24 / 48V
• Graphic LCD 128 x 128 backlit
• Built-in speaker (300mW)
• Long-lasting effect
• Wi-Fi connection allows, among others, monitoring, control of transport, level control, file transfer
• Easily connect with Android via Wi-Fi
• Dedicated remote control application for Windows / Mac (with firmware v1.10)
• Improved user interface for easy operation
• QUICK Menu button gives you access to functions for different recording situations
• Dual record with different settings level or in different formats
• The ERI (Extended Recording Information) allows you to create notes about the recording settings (with firmware v1.20)
• Reverb for recording acoustic instruments and vocals
• With four high-pass filter (40/80/120/220 Hz)
• Reduction function automatically sets the peaks optimal level when it detects peak levels in music recording
• The limiter protects against przesterowaniami
• Automatic start writing by the threshold level of input
• The pre-recordingu, which starts recording with a 2-second advance
• The timer recording start
• The insertion mark (insert manual or automatic signal peaks or temporary (with firmware v1.20))
• Input Delay function, which allows to compensate for differences in the distances between internal and external microphones
• The Variable Speed Audition (VSA) ideal for exercise and arrangement (changing the playback speed of 50-150%)
• The change in tone tuning precision (± 6 semitones)
• File sharing function (manual or automatic sharing with regard markers)
• The deleting files
• The loop playback - ideal for exercises and trials
• Resume feature memorizes the last stop position
• Ability to play files created on your computer (only files in formats compatible with this device)
• The sharing of recordings creates a new file during recording (manually or automatically split by time or level)
• Format file names using the words or dates may be specified by the user
• chromatic tuner and metronome for practice (metronome in MTR mode available with firmware v1.20)
• MS decoding function from an external microphone MS
• The MTR mode Foundlings
• The MTR mode ripping
• The mix for 4-track recordings
• The normalization of maximizing the overall level and the improving quality of sound (with firmware v1.20)
• The MP3 encoding to create MP3 files from WAV recordings (with firmware v1.20)
• Headphone / line stereo-mini ye power of 20 mW per channel
• Fast transfer files to / from your computer USB 2.0 connection
• USB Micro-B
• Included Accessories: AC adapter, the adapter to the camera sled, soft carrying case, handle, windshield, micro USB cable
• Powered by 4 AA batteries, a power supply or USB port
• photographic tripod socket

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