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APS Klasik studio monitors (pair)


APS Klasik studio monitors (pair)



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APS Klasik studio monitors (pair)

APS Klasik

Polish manufacturer of high-quality studio monitors presents a new product in its offer. The project monitors of APS Klasik assumed to provide uncompromising quality and precision of sound. A huge time devoted to research and development has resulted monitors that can peacefully compete with sets of significantly higher budgets. Monitors have close characteristics of the sound pressure level. 19mm dome tweeter with aluminum provides retail sound and excellent directional characteristics which have a direct impact on color fidelity and sonic accuracy. The 7 "woofer with a membrane made of cellulose is responsible for accurate and fast bass. The crossover APS Klasik has been designed with the highest standards. APS Klasik is powered by AB 75W class amplifiers for each transmitter.


• Type: near-field monitor
• Type: Active - two power amplifiers - Class AB
• System: Two-way, crossover frequency: 3.2 kHz
• Frequency response in free field: ± 2 dB: 35 Hz - 25 kHz
• Free-field SPL @ 1m RMS: 103 dB (Art)
• Peak: 111 dB (pair)
• Woofer Ø 18 cm, the membrane cellulose, gum
• Tweeter Ø 1.9 cm aluminum dome (dual magnet)
• Woofer amplifier power: 75 W RMS @ 8Ω
• Tweeter power amplifier: 75 W RMS @ 8Ω
• THD: 0.005% - OP = 5 W, f = 1kHz 0.1% max - OP = 0.1 to 50 W, f = 20 Hz to 20 kHz
• Level of the input voltage to 96 dB SPL in free field @ 1m: 0 dBu (that is 0.775 V) - calibrated regulators to 0 dB
• Input sensitivity: -10.5dB, -9dB, -7.5dB, -6dB, -4.5dB, -3dB, -1.5dB, 0dB
• The level switch tweeter: -1.5dB, 0dB, 1.5dB
• Input: XLR symmetrical (balanced), unbalanced RCA (unbalanced)
• Input impedance: 10k ohm
• Protection of power amplifiers: suppression, thermal overload, Overload
• Protection against interference and Brum: The GROUND LIF
• Weight: 8.5 kg
• Dimensions: 320 x 210 x 280 mm

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