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Wampler Triple Wreck guitar effect


Wampler Triple Wreck guitar effect



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Wampler Triple Wreck guitar effect

Wampler Triple Wreck

The Triple Wreck is probably one of the tightest, thickest highest gain distortions you have ever heard. With a solid three band EQ (you can scoop out those mids without it peeking out the lows and highs like so many other pedals) you can emulate some of your favorite high gain tones – but, as this pedal is so versatile you can easily find a distinctive tone all of your own.
There are two distinct voices in the Triple Wreck, Hard and Brutal. The Hard gives you that warmer thump high gain whereas the Brutal allows a little more sparkle to creep in, giving it that more recent, full audio spectrum feel.

• Amp-in-a-Box Series
• Distortion
• Control for: Volume, gain, crunch cream
• Treble, mids and bass
• Vintage/Modern switch
• True Bypass
• Operable via battery power possible
• Power supply is necessary
• Battery/Power supply is not included

Type of effectDistortion
True bypassyes
Power9 Volt
Power supply includedno
Battery poweredyes
Dimensions88 x 38 x 114 mm

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