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Yamaha MCP1 Wall-mount Controller


Yamaha MCP1 Wall-mount Controller



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220005 / Y-MCP1

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Yamaha MCP1 Wall-mount Controller

Yamaha MCP1 Wall-mount Controller

The MCP1 is an advanced wall-mount control panel for controlling MTX and MRX systems.
Its dot-matrix display and universal character support facilitates dynamic labelling in many languages including Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. Up to 36 parameters can be assigned to either the main Home page or any of the six sub pages.
Any of these pages can be secured from unauthorized access by using a programmable PIN code. Up to 16 units of MCP1 can be added to an MTX/MRX system.


• 6 buttons can be assigned to any functions * MTX/MRX series functions (components) are specified via the MTX-MRX Editor
• Multi-language displays supported
• Four user levels for access management
• Up to 16 units can be connected per system
• PoE powered
• Back can adapter supplied
• Dimensions: 149(W) x 125(H) x 18(D) mm
• Weight: 0.5 kg

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